Daily MailConcern is growing over a ‘creepy’ new iPhone app which scours pictures posted by users’ Facebook friends to pull out all the photos showing them wearing revealing outfits. On sale on the iTunes store for £1.49 ($1.99), the Badabing! app uses some sort of image-recognition technology to work out which of your friends pictures show the most skin. Once the pictures have been discovered, users can then browse them all before bookmarking their favourites and sharing them with others.

Wow imagine if you could go somewhere and find facebook pictures of really hot chicks in all their bikini pictures and all their Halloween costumes? Imagine if you could find like 10-15 pictures of all the hottest local girls including those photos where they take pictures of their stomachs and legs as they sit on the beach? Fuck the new age world! I used to do this shit manually every single day for Local Smokeshow of the Day. Perusing AKA stalking hundreds of facebook photos. Going picture by picture until I reached Senior Prom pics because I knew thats when we started getting underage. Saving jpegs and taking screenshots all so I could make a gallery for you Stoolies each and every day. I also walked up hill to school 2 miles both ways and spent my early adolescence jerking off to pages of a magazine instead of unlimited free streaming porn.

Now this Badabing app comes in and with the click of a button makes pulls out all the half naked photos of the girl you wanna bang who won’t give you the time of day. I hope you lazy pricks of the new generation enjoy your new fangled applications to stalk sluts. I’ll do it the old fashioned way. More satisfying and fulfilling that way.