I’m not even kidding you, my girlfriend may break up with me for even just being associated with what happened at the Atlantic City Fuckin Foam stop. That had to be hands down one of the top 5 most ridiculous shows we’ve ever done. Instead of just watching YouTube videos of the insanity, get involved. The Fuckin Foam tour stop in Trenton goes on sale TOMORROW at NOON.

Also, for anyone who bought a ticket to the Roseland Foam Tour, here’s the deal: Roseland pulled the plug on us. They were too afraid to host the best fuckin party of the year or something. So we’re moving the show to Irving Plaza, the venue of our original NYC Blackout. If you bought a ticket to Roseland, check your email – you should have received a link to a pre-sale that’s going on right now. We want everyone who originally purchased a Roseland ticket to be able to go to Irving Plaza. Tickets are gonna sell out IMMEDIATELY when they open to the regular public tomorrow at noon, so use the pre-sale link now to make sure you get yours.