NY Post – A buxom 29-year-old New Jersey woman claims managers at an intimate apparel outfit told her to tape down her breasts, before firing her because she was too sexy for the office. “It was very shocking, very humiliating,” said Lauren Odes, who filed a complaint against Native Intimates to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. ”It was a crazy experience, unlike anything I’ve ever been through.” Odes and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, said she spent one humiliating week at the Fifth Avenue garment business in April.  A temp agency placed Odes at Native Intimates, where she performed data entry and coordinate shipment of samples, according to Allred. “She was told by supervisors that ‘You are just too hot for this office. Maybe you should wear your boyfriend’s T-shirt and sweatpants,’” Allred said. “Ms. Odes alleged that the supervisor suggested that Lauren try taping her breasts down to make them appear smaller.” On her final day at work, Odes wore a form-fitting black dress and was told she should either done an oversized bath robe or go out and buy a whole new outfit. Odes claimed she was fired over the phone while she was out to get her less-sexy duds.

Is there anything worst than a gross chick who thinks she’s hot? No. There is not. They are the fucking worst. They are the most delusional people on the planet. They dress like they’re skinny and do their hair like they’re pretty and they stomp around the joint with their thunder thighs acting like they own the place. They have tits that are all fat and a gut and somehow they walk out of the house acting like they’re Bar Refaeli.

So you can imagine how pissed off the owners of this lingerie store were when the temp agency placed this pig with lipstick to work for them. They probably thought they were getting a blond knockout and instead get this dump truck. So what do they do? Pull the “overqualified” line. Genius. Its the ultimate out for employers who wanna get rid of someone. You’re too smart. You have too much experience. Your floppy tits are too big. Classic. I mean this chick is right – how can you work in a lingerie store that sells slutty clothes yet be fired for having boobs that are too big and being too sexy? You can’t. The real reason is that you’re gross. They just can’t say that.