Huff poSome people think Vincent Castiglia’s artwork is bloody wonderful, which is probably a good description since the pieces are made from the artist’s own blood. For the past 10 years, Castliglia has been painting dramatic and graphic works designed to get the heart pumping, and he’s been using his own plasma as the paint. ”[Using blood] didn’t happen by accident,” Castliglia told The Huffington Post. “I went through some very painful circumstances.” Castiglia first started dabbing some of his blood onto pen and ink drawings, but he soon began making portraits entirely of his own blood. ”Some of my paintings are 7 feet tall,” he said. “Those can take up to 30 vials of blood.” Castliglia only takes 15 small vials of blood from himself at a time. It’s less than a donation to a blood bank, he noted. ”I used to be less conscious of how much blood I removed,” he said. “At one point, my right lung collapsed, and I wonder if it’s because I was removing too much blood.” The blood works can take several months to complete, and can cost as much as $26,000 each.

Its like fucking David Blaine meets Bob Ross. Hey Vinny you’re a fucking psychopath bro. Out of every artsy asshole on the planet you take the cake. Ever heard of Fire Engine Red? Its a Crayola color. Doesn’t require you bleeding out or collapsing your lungs and has the same effect. Sure you can be an asshole and claim you need it to be real blood so that you are sacrificing. You can also smear shit on your painting every time you need the color brown. You can shoot a few ropes on the canvas every time you need a little Titanium White. Or you can just use paint like a goddam normal person.

But I can’t knock this motherfucker for getting 25 grand a painting. Do what you do bro! Maybe I’ll pick this shit up. Slice myself open and leak out few pints of KFC blood poisoned with Bud Light and smear that shit on an easel. Call the gallery The Intoxication of Man. 10 grand a pop.