Gothamist - The TLC series Extreme Cheapskates takes an in-depth look at “penny pinchers” who are obsessed with cutting costs “by any means necessary, from dumpster diving for dinner, once-a-week toilet flushing and reusing dental floss.” The show premieres next month on October 16th, and we’re already hooked. Here’s a clip of one of their first thrifty stars, a New Yorker named Kay, explaining how she saves money by washing her clothes while showering and never using toilet paper. Just think of all the money you squander on Charmin, living like some Captain of Industry defecating on a gold toilet next to a pile of fine silk. And while you’re blowing your paycheck big pimping at the Laundromat, Kay is saving six whole dollars A MONTH.

MMMM Sexy can I! What a hot little minx this chick is huh? Washing all her clothes in a shower basin of her own bodily filth. Shaking off after peeing. Squirting herself with a water bottle trying to wash away her dingleberries. Sexy and financially responsible! Thats how I like my women! Fuckin babe on a budget. I mean in case you guys didn’t realize New York is like the most expensive city in the world. You wanna live in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of? Sometimes you gotta walk around with a poopy butt. Only way to make ends meet. Next month when you’re 6 dollars short on rent and end up evicted laying face down in the gutter we’ll see who gets the last laugh. Enjoy you’re clean asshole when you’re living in a dumpster you wasteful frivolous asshole. I’d rather have a dirty ass and a roof over my head any day.

PS – When she just blatantly says “If I took a dump, then I also grab soap and wipe myself down” I lost it. Asian Olive Oyl with the skidmarks over here just talking about dumping in her toilet. Only thing better would have been if she said “If I dropped a deuce.”