You know one of these crazians started this petition - Jeremy Lin is the best thing that has happened to New York Knicks basketball in the last 20 years. With Jeremy Lin as the team’s leader, the team won. He averaged 18 points and 7 assists as a starter – All-Star level performance. He has the largest fan base of any player in the NBA, by an order of magnitude. He’s got the personality and character that fans love. He’s the one player the New York Knicks need to keep, not lose. Don’t let Jeremy Lin go – match the Rockets’ offer.

Oh wait a second. Jeremy Lin has a great personality and a lot of character? Plus 10,000 people are gonna sign this petition?? Those two things combined mean the Knicks have gotta keep him right? Like thats a rule in the NBA. If a guy is really nice and a bunch of fans want him on the team than the owner of that team has to sign him. Its a rule. Never mind the fact that the beloved Jeremy Lin has done pretty much everything he can to get out of New York short of telling James Dolan to suck his dick.

There’s no doubt this is some Asian twirp who made this petition. Its the only explanation for how anyone can not see how absurdly bad it would be for the Knicks to match this offer and bring him back to New York. The only Knicks fans who want this to happen are the ones blinded by Linsanity. I’ll tell you what the best part about Jeremy Lin goin to Houston is – its not avoiding a billion dollars in luxury tax fines or watching this dude barrel down the lane leaving his feet to pass. Its that I can end the charade of supporting the Asians and just go back to making fun of them for their poor subway etiquette and their propensity to eat dogs and cats for dinner.