(Newser) – New York prostitutes think they—and their clients—will be safer if their state becomes the first to stop using condoms as evidence in prostitution arrests, Bloomberg reports. Since condoms are considered probable cause and can be used against them, many prostitutes simply don’t carry protection while working, explains a new report from the Sex Workers Project at New York’s Urban Justice Center. That, of course, increases the risk of contracting and spreading HIV/AIDS—which is why the Sex Workers Project and PROS Network, a sex workers’ coalition that co-authored the report, went to Albany yesterday and pushed for lawmakers to ban the practice of using condoms as evidence. But the bill, introduced previously, is too broad, opponents worry, and could make it more difficult to prosecute human trafficking crimes.

Ah, chicks carrying condoms. One of the touchiest subjects in the world of casual sex. The prevailing theory, according to not only most dudes, but apparently the NYPD, is that chicks who carry condoms are whores. Either in the figurative sense of the word, or the literal sense.

Now ladies, I know that may not seem fair. Whether you’re an actual working prostitute or just a normal girl looking to fuck consensually without the exchange of money or goods. But the police are right. A chick carrying condoms is evidence of probable cause. Plain and simple. More importantly, a chick carrying condoms implies that shes most likely a multiple offender with a lengthy history. Is it profiling? Yes. Is it always accurate? No. But I’m just letting you know the perception. You could be a girl walking the streets of Hunts Point or just a single girl in college, but when you pull out your own condom, most dudes are gonna pause for a second and think “This girl may or may not be a whore.” Don’t worry, it will probably still go down. And like these New York prostitutes say, it will definitely be safer. But don’t think that a chick whipping out her own strip of condoms is going unnoticed. In the eyes of the law or in the eyes of dudes trying to preventing burning when they pee.