CNN17 states & Washington D.C. allow use of medical marijuana. New York governor Andrew Cuomo wants to decriminalize marijuana. He would lower the penalty for those caught with a small amount of marijuana, 25 grams to a violation instead of a misdemeanor. Cuomo has the backing of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. His city spent 75 million dollars on arresting and jailing people carrying small amounts of weed in 2010. So what if other states decriminalized marijuana? The U.S. could save 8.7 billion dollars in enforcement expenditures and generate another 8.7 billion dollars if we were to tax it. That’s a lot of green: 17.4 billion dollars.

New Jersey doesn’t give a fuck about gambling anymore, Cuomo and New York is ready to let you smoke all the bud you want, things are lookin pretty fun around here these days huh? If we could just get Connecticut to allow prostitution I don’t think I’d ever have to go to Vegas again. Just place a mortal lock bet on the Heat to win game 7 and use all my winnings to buy a ton of weed in New York and hop the Metro North to go get a whore in Stamford. Tristate area just throwing out all the big rules because they wanna make some money. Sounds good to me. Makes zero sense that its legal for me to get completely blacked out drunk but someone carrying around an eighth of weed gets hit with criminal charges.

This shit is inevitable folks. One day we’ll look back and laugh that weed was once illegal. Same shit with all the gay marriage hoopla. Lets just all smoke some weed and fuck whoever we want. Mothafuckin 60s are back bitches.