GawkerA freelance photographer working for theNew York Post on an unrelated assignment happened to be standing on the 49th Street station platform when 58-year-old Queens resident Ki Suk Han was suddenly pushed onto the tracks by an as-yet-unidentified assailant. The photographer, R. Umar Abbasi, snapped at least two photos of Han before he was run over by the downtown Q train. The married father-of-one sustained critical injuries and was later pronounced dead at Roosevelt Hospital. Abbasi claims that he was using his camera’s flash to warn the train’s conductor, possibly suggesting that the photos were incidental. The Post further defends Abbasi, saying he wasn’t strong enough to lift Han off the tracks. However, the question of whether it was proper for the Post to splash such a harrowing shot of a man about to die on its cover remains for many.

Who gives a fuck about the assholes who decided to run this as the cover of the Post. How about the dude sitting there instagramming this poor bastard’s imminent demise! Hey guy, I know its hard choosing between Sepia and Hudson for your ‘gram filter but incase you can’t tell I’m about to get hit by a fucking train. Gotta keep up with the Daily News for those headlines and exclusive pictures and all but maybe put the camera down for a second and help this dude not get killed by the Q? And the only thing worse than sitting there photographing a guy who’s about to die is coming up with the excuse that you were “trying to use his flash to warn the train conductor.” That is honestly the worst excuse I’ve ever heard in my entire life. No exaggeration  the absolute worst excuse in the history of excuses. These perfectly framed photos were just my attempt to warn the conductor to stop. “I wasn’t strong enough to life him off the tracks.” Take a fucking hike bro! You see that second picture? Dude is just sitting in the middle of the tracks, no train in sight. You probably had like 10 minutes to save him. Enough time to run and get a ladder for this poor son of a bitch.

Just admit that part of the agreement to be a photographer for the New York Post  is to exploit anyone and everyone no matter what situation they are in so you can sell a few more papers for 75 cents.

As for the Post running that on the front cover, what do you expect? I mean personally I was anticipating a bit more wit with something like “Training Day.” Thats usually how they roll. They chose to go with the viciously literal death and destruction angle “DOOMED.” Just the Post being the Post.