Top 25

25-Meet The Parents
24-Napoleon Dynamite
23-Easy A
22-Black Dynamite
21-Pineapple Express
20-Step Brothers
19-Bad Santa
18-Harold n Kumar Go To White Castle
17-Super Troopers
16-The Other Guys
15-Road Trip
14-Mean Girls
12-Forgetting Sarah Marshall
11-Wedding Crashers
10-Knocked Up
9-The Hangover
8-Best in Show
6-Shaun of the Dead
5-Tropic Thunder
2-Old School
1-40 Year Old Virgin

*KFC Note – I’ve never seen The Other Guys, Black Dynamite, or Easy A. But I guarantee those movies suck and shouldn’t be on this list. Also I think I may have been too stupid to understand the humor in “Best in Show” but I thought that movie sucked too.

Aside from those three movies, this list didn’t miss much. Although I don’t agree with the order at all. I’ll give you my top five and a few flicks that I think should have made the list.

5. Superbad

Classic coming of age trying-to-get-shitfaced-and-fuck-girls high school movie. “George Michael from Arrested Development” and “the fat kid from Knocked Up” killed it and McLovin is an all time legendary character that everyone will remember.

4. Bad Santa

This movie is downright hilarious. The most offensive Christmas movie of all time. Billy Bob Thornton just getting shitfaced and pissing his pants and fucking fat chicks in dressing rooms while Thurman Merman whittles wooden pickles and asks how much lettuce Santa wants on his sandwich. Pretty much every moment of this movie is funny. There’s like 5 minutes of sentimental shit and the rest is non stop comedy

3. The Hangover

Perfect movie for guys. Perfect movie for vegas. Zach Galafinakis catapaulted into stardom. Outrageous storylines with Mike Tyson, the tiger, the baby, the Asian dude with no dick. Second most quotable movie on the list. I’m pretty sure at this point I can see any Todd Phillips movie and like it.

2. Wedding Crashers

Easily the most quotable movie of the decade. Also one of the most original. Vince Vaughn Opus and supporting cast of characters that kills it. Wedding Crashers would probably be number 1 if it wasn’t for like 60 solid minutes of sappy bullshit. The Owen Wilson/Rachel McAdams love story takes up way too much time and the movie is like 2+ hours. Coulda cut out a solid chunk and had people laughing from start to finish.

1. Old School

The funniest movie I’ve ever seen, period. A modern day frat boy movie that takes all the best elements from its predecessors Animal House and PCU and adds in new twists that make it the perfect comedy. Will Ferrell’s true coming out party with probably my favorite movie character ever Frank the Tank. Immortal quotes like “You’re my boy Blue!” and “Maybe Bed Bath and Beyond…I don’t know…I don’t know if we’ll have enough time” along with countless others. Only an hour and half – 90 minutes of straight hilarity and no filler. Funniest movie of the decade, and for me personally, ever.

Kind of a generic list, I know. Not like I’m giving you 5 unknown indy flicks. But nobody likes that High Horse Movie Guy. These 5 along with Anchorman are the top movies are the most popular for a reason.
Snubs: Role Models, Jackass 1, Saving Silverman, Eurotrip

Most overrated: Tropic Thunder. That movie fucking sucks. I love watching movies and that was one of the few movies I gave up on half way. Tropic Thunder is a classic case of a movie that critics said was “one of the funniest movies ever” and everyone just jumped on the bandwagon because they didn’t want to be the guy who didnt understand the humor. Well guess what? There is no humor. That movie sucked. Downey Jr. was kinda funny as a black guy. Thats it. Step Brothers is overrated too.