Pictured: Dubinsky Celebrates Not Being Traded To Columbus

The NHL’s trade deadline has come and gone, and damn was it boring.  Aside from a brief rumor that the Blueshirts were getting Brad Stuart for the Wings, there wasn’t much for fans to follow.  Keep in mind that trades can still be announced after the 3pm cut-off, but as of right now the Rangers are Nash-less and Dubi’s breathing easy.

Personally, I’m fine with the Rangers’ lack of moves.  This team is not built to be a win-now group; they’re young, inexperienced, and need to mature with a deep playoff run.  They need to learn what it takes to win through losing post-first round.  Young championship teams in recent memory - the Penguins, Blackhawks and Bruins – all went through growing pains before they lifted Lord Stanley.  Last year, I got a lot of shit for titling the post-game-five blog “Good Season Boys”, but mock it all you want, the team exceeded expectations.  The blueshirts were lucky to even make the playoffs, let alone win a game against a should-have-gone-further Caps team.  This year, it’s conference finals or the season’s a failure.  Fact.

PS – Just saw that the Rangers have traded a 5th round pick to Chicago for 6 foot 8″ Defenseman John Scott.  Without a doubt the biggest deal of the day as long as you’re talking height and not skill.  Prust, Rupp, Bickle and Scott – looks like Sather wants this team to fight its way to the finals, literally. @Osgood_StoolNYC