I don’t know why Nina Dobrev isn’t a fuckin mega superstar yet, because she is absurdly hot. Shes like Sloan from Entourage meets Minka Kelly or some shit. And apparently she’s super flexible and will put her feet all up in your dick. What more can you ask for?

Right now all she does is Vampire Diaries and according to IMDB she’s only got one movie on the horizon. A.K.A. she’s super hot but still relatively unknown. You know of any movies coming out that requires a super hot chick but also a girl who doesn’t have an established reputation that she has to worry about tarnishing because the aforementioned movie may be highly controversial and all about fucking? Ding ding ding! Cast this chick as the lead for 50 Shades of Grey and make my dreams come true, Hollywood. Her co-star on her stupid ass Vampire show is already being considered for the male role. Do it Nina! Do some softcore porn with Boone from Lost! Do it you kinky little minx!