(TSG) -- A man who haunts Central Park dressed as Elmo, the lovable Sesame Street character, was handcuffed by New York City cops yesterday and whisked away in an ambulance after he launched into one of his trademark anti-Semitic rants. The unidentified man, who police say was not arrested, was removed from the vicinity of the Central Park Zoo, where he has alternately posed for photos with park visitors, screamed curses, and launched into diatribes about assorted Jewish conspiracies.

Why is everyone so shocked by this?  Seriously why does everyone just assume Elmo is this nice, happy, joyful guy? Look at his fucking life.  His best friends are a gigantic creepy bird and an asshole grouch who lives in a trash can hurling out insults at him 24/7.  There’s also the big fat retard who eats all his cookies and never replaces them.  Oh and as if that wasn’t bad enough he’s got a bunch of dickhead humans who come around and shove their fist up his asshole to manipulate and exploit him. If you lived a life like that you’d go to Central Park and lash out too.  Just happened to be Jew hating day today.

PS – as if the video itself wasn’t funny enough, picturing the Hasidic Horde kicking in Elmo’s door to harass him about his costume business is hilarious.

Double PS – as funny a picture of Elmo getting loaded into an ambulance as you’ll ever see