NY PostThe Devils have launched an online campaign to try to convince fans not to sell their tickets to their Rangers counterparts. The Devils’ plan concentrates on stopping Rangers fan from infiltrating The Rock in the secondary market, where Devils fan who cannot attend the game or games sell off their tickets. The #noblue is trending on Twitter and drawing some support and some taunts from Rangers fans.

So that’s what the rivalry’s come to, eh?  Denying access based on the color of one’s jersey?  How sadly segregated 1960′s of you, Devils fans, ruining the playoff party with your insane restrictions on secondary ticket markets.  What are you afraid of, us breeding with your ice girls and raising the kids to be Rangers fans?  Worried that invaders from some concrete jungle across the water will try and dilute the purity of your population?  Such sad, simple fears from a team that should be way more concerned with the game on the ice than the games in the stands.

The sheer fact that this initiative even exists (and the fact that it’ll without a doubt fail miserably) is just one giant testament to the superiority of Ranger fans.  Forget the on-ice successes per season stat for just a quick second and it’s pretty goddamn clear that you Devils fans are riddled with Ranger envy.  And who can blame you?  We’re in the city, you’re in the sewers.  We’re a profitable hockey market, your team’s flirting with bankruptcy.  We’re the featured TV match up damn near every week of the regular season, you guys couldn’t pay for primetime exposure (literally).  So because playing the Rangers means your home ice advantage is essentially non-existent, you guys set up some kind of border patrol to keep the bluebacks out?  Ha, good luck with that.  Tell me I can’t have something and my efforts to get it’ll double.  So on Saturday, when the Rock is filled with Blueshirts because some leathery mob wife just couldn’t turn down an MSG-cost-like-offer in order to tan her whole family for a year, you’ll have no one but to blame but yourselves.  @Osgood_StoolNYC