YEAH! Alright! Woooo! Motherfuckin trains!!!

I’m so jealous of lunatics like this. Sure this dude probably wears masks made out of human skin, but he’s also just so motherfuckin happy to look at trains. I wish I could look at a train and be this fuckin excited. I need booze and drugs and all sorts of sexual perversion to get excited these days. This cat busts a nut when he hears a train horn. I’m serious I think he legitimately orgasms around the 47 second mark. When he realizes its an SNC-52 combined with the horn I’m pretty sure he just straight up cums in his pants. Bottom line is, his life is just so goddam simple – watch trains drive during the day, kidnap children at night. Its the little things in life, folks.

PS – His delivery on the “That horn gives me the chills…and those chills have absolutely…nothing…to do, with how cold it is here” is impeccable. Absolutely nailed it.

PPS – The fact that there are enough of these people that they have their own term is pretty scary. Fuckin foamers.