What does virtually everyone do when someone asks them “What are you doing for New Years Eve?” Its always the same answer from people “Ugh I don’t know.” Then you always have the loser who thinks he’s being funny like “New Year’s Eve is amateur night!” Make no mistake about it – the only thing worse than dealing with New Years Eve hoopla is being the asshole who says that quote. Anyway, point is planning New Year’s Eve can be a pain, but you sure as fuck don’t wanna be the dude with no plans. My parents call me at 10:30 every year and wish me an early happy new year because they are going to bed. Don’t be like them.

Come to Mad River. On a night when all the rules are different and everyone is dressing different and all the bars change, you can always rely on old faithful Mad River to bring the heat. You always know what you’re getting at the River. More booze flows through that place then you can imagine. Chicks all over the dance floor. Cute bartenders slinging drinks. Just this time its an open bar, everyone’s dressed up, and desperate single girls are looking for a kiss at midnight and some drunk sex at 2am. What more do you need to ring in the New Year?

Go to MadRiverGrille.com to buy tickets or call 212-988-1832