Your boy KFC was a couple pass interference calls away from taking down the whole thing for our Week 1 tournament. I had Flacco going on Monday night and a couple balls that would have been big completions and a possible TD were flagged and totally fucked me. But I’ll take a top 10 finish. The rest of the Barstool bloggers rounded out the bottom 50, which isn’t surprising at all since they’re all idiots. Chemo Neil coming 2nd in the Barstool Challenge with a cool 60th place finish has gotta be surprising though. Chemo taking down Chuck E Cheese, The Schnoz and Mr. Madden Maurice was pretty surprising.

So anyway now that its been established I am the premiere Fan Duel competitor on Barstool, I challenge you to join our Week 2 Challenge. Twice as much money on the line – $4,000 in prizes. Only 89 spots for this tournament, which means 2 things – 1) you gotta sign up quickly before its filled and 2) Only 88 people you need to beat to take down the whole thing. I can’t speak for the other idiots on the network that barely cracked the top 100, but as the Barstool Fan Duel Guru I can assure you its pretty easy to put together a winning squad. Just click here to join¬†and put together a one week team for a chance to come in second place. I’ll be the guy ahead of you in 1st.