Picture 50

If you’re a Nets fan last nights win was as good as it gets. The Nets had not beat the Heat since March of 09′ so it was extremely satisfying to finally see Lebron leaving the court with a look of dejection on his face, as opposed to the shit-eating grin we are all tired of looking at.  We got to see everything this team has to offer in 48 minutes. Joe Johnson, or “Mr. Inconsequential,” as KFC likes to call him, draining two HUGE 3′s down the stretch. Paul Pierce already paying dividends by hitting clutch free throws in crunch time. (Tyson Chandler should take some notes) But maybe most importantly, we got to see to just how deep this Nets roster really is. Top to bottom there is not a deeper roster in the NBA, and I really don’t see how that can be debated.

I realize it was only the second game of the regular season, and it was only a one point win, but it was an awesome glimpse of where this team is heading if they can stay healthy. If you’re debating whether or not to jump on the bandwagon (because let’s face it I’ll take as many new Nets fans as I can get) then stop being a moron and get on board. Gonna be a fun season.

PS – I wonder how many players on the Knicks we could slap the nickname of “Mr. Inconsequential,” on. 8? 9?

PPS – The over/under of 195 last night was the easiest money I will make all year.