Huff PoA nude maid service promises to provide clients with a show and a spotless house, but local authorities are keeping an eye on the small business that’s caused quite a stir in a conservative Texas town. Melissa Borrett, 26, began Fantasy Maid Service of Lubbock as a way to make extra money. She charges customers $100 per hour to clean their homes, and at their request, she can do the dusting in lingerie or in the buff, ABC’s “Good Morning America” reports. The young entrepreneur started the service in February. Now, just a few months later, she has three other women working for her. But while business is booming, Borrett’s controversial start-up has caught the attention of the Lubbock Police Department. Noting that the “sexually oriented business” doesn’t have a permit to operate, police Sgt. Jonathan Stewart said Borrett could face at a fine of $2,000, and additional charges for every day she continues to work without a permit, KCBD reports. “Just the fact employees are topless or semi nude in this case — it’s just not allowed,” Stewart told KCBD.

Well this shit should be illegally simply for the talent Melissa Borrett is trotting out there. Heidi Fleiss, you are not my dear. I could find two big fight bikers in the woods having sex and pay them half that to come clean my house if I was looking for chicks that looked like this. I mean that one chick with the short hair and the watermelon crushing thunder things looks like Belladonna. And the only reason I get excited to watch her is because I know I’m gonna see some shit I’ve never seen before. Its a different story if she’s swiffering my living room floor.

You know, just in general this whole idea is stupid. I like seeing naked chicks as much as the next guy, but a no touching naked maid service is even more of a cocktease than the strip club. If I’m paying a hundred bucks an hour I either better be getting my rocks off or my apartment better be fucking spotless. And something tells me the Fantasy Maid Service will leave you with nothing but some blue balls and a dusty coffee table.