AutoblogRemember the genius who tried to run over an NYPD officer that was writing ticket for said genius’ illegally parked Ferrari? Said genius is being sued by said cop for $10 million. The 458 Spider owner has a name; Julien Chabbot. According to the New York Post, the 28-year-old Internet entrepreneur is being sued by officer Felix Recio, who claims Chabbot intentionally tried to run him over when he was attempting to write a ticket. Recio has reportedly retained lawyer Sal Strazzullo, who has motioned to increase the criminal charges from felony assault to first-degree assault with a deadly weapon. “Chabbott clearly had no regard for Officer Recio’s life,” said Strazzullo, “hitting him with his Ferrari could have caused serious injury or even death. According to the report, the August 4 SoHo incident left the 34-year-old officer with “a swollen foot and bruising.” Recio continued, “I believe he deliberately drove towards me with an intent to hurt me.” Recio is suing for personal injury and says he has not been able to work since the incident. Meanwhile, Chabbott’s attorney, Ben Brafman, denies the upped charges, stating: “We are not aware of any civil lawsuit… I would be shocked if a $10 million lawsuit is in fact being contemplated given the fact that we have developed information to the effect that the officer in question appears to have suffered no injury whatsoever.”

Its borderline impossible to be a bigger douchebag than the Ferrari entrepreneur in this situation, but I think this cop may have achieved just that. A $10 million lawsuit claiming you could have died from someone running over your foot is remarkably douchey. I mean I know a lot of lawyers and their clients are scumbags but how can you write “could have caused serious injury or even death” and still look at yourself in the mirror? All while admitting you had a swollen foot and bruising?? Thats fucking 2 million dollars a toe. No way any toes at all are worth anymore than like $5,000. Some pretty boy ran over your little piggies and you beat his ass. That should be the end of it.

If I was a cop who was injured in the line of duty for real, I’d wanna smack this dude in the face. Slap him in the mouth and step on his swollen Fred Flintstone foot.