NY Post - It’s the Big Apple’s newest — and goriest — tourist attraction. Visitors flocked to Seventh Avenue between 37th and 38th streets yesterday to take pictures of each other standing next to bloodstains on the sidewalk — left by the knife-wielding madman shot dead by cops a day earlier. “It’s amazing. It’s like, ‘Oh, my God!’ That’s so different than what we’re used to. It’s so gross,” said Abby Smith, 25, of the Scottish city of Edinburgh, which averages fewer than a dozen murders a year. Smith giddily snapped photo after photo of her traveling pal, Scott Ramsey, standing over the blood to show the folks back home.  A German tourist named Alex, 18, also took a picture of the gruesome new hot spot — even as he wondered why no one had cleaned up the blood 24 hours after cops had gunned down Darrius Kennedy, 51, in a hail of bullets. “I think it’s strange. Yesterday, I saw the story on the news. I think it’s strange in all of those hours they didn’t clean it up. It’s disgusting!” Alex said. Some poor passers-by stepped right into it, leaving visible footprints, before they knew what it was — and then furiously scraped the soles of their shoes to clean off the gory residue. A class of 16 people on a tour sponsored by the New York Real Estate Institute stopped to walk around the mess amid shrieks of “Eeewww!” and “How disgusting!” The tour leader used the gruesome tableau as part of his lecture to his class. “I’m aghast that the [building] management agency hasn’t cleaned this up! It’s egregious that the city had left the building to clean up the sidewalk,’’ he griped. “It’s a health hazard, it’s unsafe! What if someone slipped and fell?” Student Yehuda Miller, 26, said they should have cleaned it up “out of basic human dignity. “A scene like this should be properly cleaned up. There’s a basic Jewish principle to clean up every particle. To clean up the scene is to show respect,” he said. Even jaded New Yorkers grew queasy at the sight of the blood in the street. “They should have cleaned it up. Why should people be walking in his blood?” wondered Stephanie Torres, who works nearby and heard the shooting at about 3 p.m. Saturday.

Now you’re in New Yorkkkkk! Concrete Jungle where you can walk through puddles of blood from knife wielding madmen shot to death by police officers! There’s nothing you can’t dooooooo!

Sounds like this shootout over the weekend was pretty fuckin wild huh? Just another reason to never ever go to Times Square. I mean I don’t know what I think is worse – the fact that you may stumble upon a lunatic waving a knife getting shot to death. Or the fact that if you’re walking through Times Square you may get stuck behind a group of Euro trash tourists who have stopped to take pictures next to blood stains on the ground. Its bad enough when they stop traffic on the sidewalks to take pictures of the buildings, now I gotta get stuck behind your whole family wearing fanny packs and Big Apple I <3 NY t shirts because you wanna snap some Polaroids of the ground? Get The Fuck Out Of My City! I’d rather a million Darrius Kennedy’s running around than you asshole foreigners clogging up my streets.