GothamistThis afternoon the NYPD debuted their “all-seeing” Domain Awareness System, which syncs the city’s 3,000 closed circuit camera feeds in Lower Manhattan, Midtown, and near bridges and tunnels with arrest records, 911 calls, license plate recognition technology, and even radiation detectors. Mayor Bloomberg dismissed concerns that this represented the most glaring example of Big Brother-style policing. “What you’re seeing is what the private sector has used for a long time,” Bloomberg said. “If you walk around with a cell phone, the cell phone company knows where you are…We’re not your mom and pop’s police department anymore.” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly stated that the system, which is currently operational out of the department’s Lower Manhattan Security Commission HQ, was developed with a “state of the art privacy policy” and “working with the privacy community,” but did not offer specifics. DAS does not have facial recognition technology at this time, but “it’s something that’s very close to being developed,” the mayor said. The system was developed with Microsoft and paid for by the city for $30 to $40 million, and has already been in use for six months. The feeds compiled by the system are kept for thirty days, then erased.

Welp, thats it folks. Its the beginning of the end. Bloomberg is distracting the city blabbering about sodas and salt and dildos and meanwhile the NYPD has gone Big Brother all over our asses. Give it a few months and its gonna be like V For Vendetta up in this bitch. Minority Report. I’ll probably be in the slammer tomorrow for some pre-crime arrest because I’m gonna be drunk in public during the football season.

Truth be told I love this idea. Shit doesn’t affect me at all because I’m not a criminal. All this does is allow the NYPD to keep a closer eye on terrorists and those asshole Occupy Wall Street clowns. Unless sitting at home, blogging, watching porn, and drinking is a crime, I don’t think I have to worry about police surveillance.