Huffington Post – Two people who helped rescue a once 77-pound dachshund are now fighting over his custody in court, after the husky hound became internationally famous. Obie the obese dachshund – believed by many to be the world’s fattest, according to KPTV — was rescued in September by Oregon Dachshund Rescue Inc., and then put under foster care of Nora Vanatta, who found him on Facebook. Geordie Duckler, an attorney for the non-profit rescue organization, filed a complaint in Washington State this week, alleging that Vanatta has a legal responsibility to give Obie back. But Vanatta doesn’t want to give Obie back. She claims she has put Obie on a diet, in which he’s lost 10 pounds so far Duckler alleges that Vanatta hasn’t provided Obie with good veterinary care, and that the Puyallup woman has been “exploiting him for the sensationalistic promotional value of his unusual obesity,” according to court documents. On the “Biggest Loser: Doxie Edition” Facebook page – the one Vanatta set up for supporting Obie through his weight loss — she says the lawyer’s claims are simply untrue. ”I made it clear that this was a positive thing and that it wasn’t about bashing the previous owners or exploiting a fat dog,” she wrote on Wednesday. “Obie has a story and a mission to share and help other people.”

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