Youtubeochocinco tryin to get his money up he said we stil in a lockout.

Well the Youtube description says it all, however there’s a lot more to the story here.  First of all I love the Shell game.  Love on Price Is Right, love it at Yankee Stadium.   On the streets is another story.  How badly does Ochocinco need the money?   I know he tried soccer a few months back, that didn’t work out.  Figured he’d try his luck at The Shell Game on the streets of Miami?  I’ve watched this 6 times and I think I finally understand what’s happening.   Ochocinco is trying to make a few bucks off “The Shell Game” but he only has a few grand.  The woman asks if he wants to do a credit check, Ocho gets pissed and asks if she has something to swipe?   Then it’s just pure Shell Game antics.   Here’s some of the quotes I’ve compiled, truly some of the great commentary in Shell Game history.

“Show me a stack, I’ll pay you a stack”.

Whatever the guy says at the 16 second mark, I’m still laughing.  No idea.

“You want a credit check?  You want a credit check?”

“Don’t bet the stack!”

“For free!  For free!”

“She switched it!”

“Ohhhh! Look at that!  She switched it!”

Then once you see the Footlocker bag, things seem to deteriorate the last 20 seconds or so.  Although “That’s a big truck!” is definitely an accurate statement.