The Champ….

UB’s Wake Up with Reby Sky


The Challenger…

Listen we get this all the time.  Some chick cuts some Giants jersey into a slut outfit and grabs a camera and tries to take shots at Reby.  That’s what happens where you’re on top.  The official Giants girl declared the world over doesn’t get phazed by some no name hotshot who comes out of no… Wait a minute look at that underboob!  Oh my!    I think Reby is hurt.  Reby’s trainer, right next to me, is saying it. You might hear him… Down goes Reby! Down goes Reby! Down goes Reby!  Ms. Meena is as posied as can be!  Reby is dazed! She’s getting hit again and again and again! Reby’s in real trouble here. Reby may be…no, she is up, she is dazed, she doesn’t know where she is!

What does Barstool NY nation think?  Has Reby been dethroned?   Or will the champ retain the belt?  Vote 1 for Meena 10 for Reby.

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