CSR – Side judge Brian Stropolo has been pulled from officiating Sunday’s Panthers v. Saints game following ESPN breaking the story that he is a rabid New Orleans Saints fan. In information gathered from the replacement official’s Facebook account, there were picture depicting the side judge in Saints attire, and even pre-game photos outside the Superdome. It seems friends of Stropolo’s saw cause to reference the anomaly of him calling the game, as the following comments were posted when Stropolo revealed he would be working the Panthers-Saints game.

“Hey, now be nice with those yellow flags for our Saints!!”

“That’s awesome you get to be an official for a Saints game! I didn’t think they would let you since your (sic) from Louisiana”

Well what do you expect? Not all refs can be lawyer-robots void of any human emotion like Ed Hochuli. And when you’re dipping into the local middle school for officials, you’re bound to pull someone who’s an actual person. My question here is was he actually geared up to cheat? Obviously, right? Like he had the best cover story ever – he’s a replacement ref so he already sucks dick at his job. Dude could have called pass interference on a draw play and gotten away with it.

And let’s be honest. The fucking NOBODY that they must have gotten to replace a replacement ref isn’t gonna make things any better.

I think this calls for a nice big FUCK YOU ROGER GOODELL! Ah, that’s better.