NY PostWheelchair-riding Linda Slone, 64, is suing 39 shops in her neighborhood for not being handicapped-accessible. The legal crusade is netting her thousands, but Slone, who cannot walk because of polio, insists she is simply championing the rights of the disabled. “If you think this is a money-making scheme, you’re dead wrong,” said Slone, a speech pathologist. “I, along with anybody else with a disability, has the right to go wherever they choose to go and not have to be dissuaded or inconvenienced or even apologetic.” Mom-and-pop shops live in mortal fear of her next visit. “It’s a little too fishy to me,” said Andy Besch of West Side Wine, who settled with Slone this month. “No one ever showed up at my store. No one was ever denied access. Yet I had to pay thousands and was given no opportunity to change anything.” Last month alone, Slone filed papers against eight shops on or near Columbus Avenue, aiming to force them to install ramps and other accessible features. In each suit, all filed in Manhattan federal court, she demands $500 in damages, plus lawyers’ and experts’ fees, which could run up to $15,000. She has settled half of her 39 suits since 2010. If she wins them all, she’ll reap at least $19,500.

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