Forbidden Ones:

Dirty Ones:

Trouble Makers:

Artillery they were running:

NYDN- Bushwick goons in the Forbidden Ones, the Dirty Ones and the Trouble Makers sold guns through tattoo parlors, and wore patches celebrating beatdowns of police, prosecutors say.  A GROUP OF aging Brooklyn bikers — who earned patches for attacks on police — were busted Tuesday for peddling a deadly arsenal of weapons, including a cast iron cannon. Undercover officers bought the old-time artillery for $2,000, along with 41 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition, from the leather-clad biker goons during a two-year investigation that began October 2010. Eight members of the Forbidden Ones, the Dirty Ones and the Trouble Makers — whose average age was 51 — were charged with firearms trafficking. But four of them were too sick to make their arraignment in Brooklyn Federal Court, and were admitted to the hospital instead. Accused gun smuggler Scott (Spider) Brannigan, 61, was complaining of high blood pressure and a bad ticker; Frank (Afro) Miranda, 50, and Samuel Moya, 44, needed heroin detoxification, and Jose (Rusty) Perez, 49, the reputed “supreme president” of the Forbidden Ones, needed treatment for sleep apnea, sources said.  “They’re really nice guys. “They’re really chill. I party with them all the time,” said Alex Syner, 25. But even the most free-spirited bohemian might have been uneasy to know that a two-wheeled cannon was loaded and aimed at the front door of the Forbidden Ones’ lair, ready to fire at infiltrators, according to the prosecutor. “The defendants wear the ‘patch’ to make it known that they are ‘outlaws’ who reject mainstream society and live outside the law,” wrote Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Celia Cohen.

Samcro get off me! When was they last time you saw the Sons running fuckin cannons? Jax and Clay always worried about dealing AK-47s to the Wetbacks. Meanwhile out in Bushwick a bunch of senior citizens from the Forbidden Ones, Dirty Ones and Trouble Makers are running explosive based projectile propellents. Dealing 6 shooters and muskets and shit. I’ll tell you what – if the Confederacy tries to rise up again and win the Civil War Part 2, these are the cats they wanna get in contact with. They got cannons, gunpowder, muskets, bayonets, and cavalry swords.

On a sidenote I think its high time that Barstool starts wearing cuts, right? We’re basically like the internet version of Samcro. Renegade bloggers who don’t follow any rules. All the legitimate organizations of the world hate us and think we’re evil but the People love us. We’re vigilante assholes but we’re also good guys who take care of people who deserve it. It would be perfect. We’d be the Jews Of Madness. Pres would be like Clay. I could be Jax the VP, but I doubt the direction of the club since I’m not a Jew and I consider going Nomad. Old Man Thornton would be like Piney riding on his three wheeler motorcycle with his oxygen mask on. Kmarko would be Bobby – one of the originals. Neil and Big Cat are prospects. Maurice would be from the Niners but he’d be hoping to get patched over. And we’d all blog wearing leather vests and every time we see each other we’d give awkward man-bro hugs like they do on Sons. JOMIC – Jews Of Madness Internet Club.

Cue the motherfuckin music! Ridin through this worlllldd….