It’s raining hats at the Garden! Gaborik had the touch of a champion tonight with two of his three goals batted straight out of mid air, and Nash looked like he could break Bruins ankles at will out there. This first line with Richards is absolutely frightening. Every team in the east should be scared shitless to face that line every time they hit the ice. And they may need to score 6 goals a night if Hank keeps this inconsistency going. I mean he kinda handed Boston the loser point tonight; he looked slow and sluggish on the B’s goals but at other times almost looked mid-season solid. Oh well, maybe he’s just depressed since he had a daughter this summer and we all know what a curse that is.

First win down, worked hard for it against a good Bruins team and got revenge for opening night. Next up, keeping Philly winless. LGR, @Osgood_StoolNYC