Less than two years after severing his links with drug-maker Biovail Corp, Eugene Melnyk is again making headlines with an experimental sexual dysfunction medicine delivered in the form of a nasal spray. According to Trimel, TBS-2 is designed to treat a condition known as “Anorgasmia” that affects one in five women and for which there is no approved treatment.  The product is described as a “proprietary intra-nasal bio-adhesive gel formulation of testosterone” that was delivered in the study using pre-loaded syringes as a dispenser. Anorgasmia is a type of sexual dysfunction in which a person cannot achieve orgasm, even with adequate stimulation

Holy shit you better believe I’m buying this shit in BULK. Bye bye cramped necks! Gone are the days of my fingers cramping and my forearms burning with fatigue. Say goodbye to numb tongues and 45 minute sessions trying to keep blood flowing to my dick. Because we’ve got Nasal Spray Orgasms now motherfuckers! I give you 12 minutes to get off naturally. If that doesn’t happen we’re breaking out the vibrators. And if man and machine combined can’t get the job done, then we’re turning to science and I’m shoving Orgasmospray right up your nose so fucking fast you won’t know what hit you. Two spritzes in each nostril and you’ll be coming in no time. Wham bam thank you ma’am lets catch the 11 o’clock Sportscenter and tie a bow on it.

I might buy a box or 12 for myself too. Late night, all by myself. Turn the lights off. Grab the computer, a tube sock, and my orgasm nasal spray. Just spritzing that shit in my nose and mouth and ears. I’ll probably overdose on that shit. My poor mother will find me with my dick in one hand, nasal spray in the other. But boy would I go out with a bang.

PS – Is Eugene Melynk the most successful man ever? I mean now that Steve Jobs kicked the bucket its gotta be him right? Owns a professional sports team and he’s making bitches come through their noses. A true Renaissance Man in every sense of the word