$2500 pot. Every single member of Barstool participating. Its our biggest and best Fan Duel challenge ever. Never has all of the Barstool Network competed in one Fan Duel challenge. Now the top 3 finishers are the big money winners, which means a couple of Barstool Bloggers will be on the outside looking in. If I had to rank the order of blogger finishes, it would look something like this:

5. El Presidente – Guy knows more about dubstep remixes of teeny bopper pop hits than he does about football. Only area of expertise he has involving the NFL is how Rob Gronkowski’s ass tastes.

4. Neil – Listen coming in 4th place out of 5 is nothing to brag about. Except when you’re Neil. Coming in 4th when you have cancer, you’re going through chemo, and everyone hates you is a big time upset.

3. Kmarko – Pretty sure when we started Barstool NY Keith was a degenerate gambler. Pretty sure he still is right now. Dude eats $1 slices from 2 Bros pizza 5 days a week to save money for Fan Duel Challenges. A worthy competitor

2. Mo – Every time I turn around Mo is blogging about dude’s Madden Ratings and their NFL uniforms and all sorts of shit like that. So he’s gotta know what he’s talking about right? I think he’s gonna be a little upset when he sees that Donovan McNabb is not available to start, but nonetheless he’s probably my only competition

1. KFC – The summer is over. I’m detoxing a little bit. My mind has never been clearer. I’m as sharp as a thumbtack. Just gonna draft Tebow as my QB and watch the money flow into my account.

Also, for anybody who’s A) too much of a pussy to join the real tournament or B) anyone who gets shut out of the big tournament (theres only 110 spots) you can do the Week 1 Free Roll. No entry fee, $1,000 pot. Not nearly as much glory, but a good alternative until you build up the courage for our next big tournament.

Join the 110 person, $2500 tournament

Join the Week 1 Free Roll