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So here’s some breaking news that you’ll never believe:

Stoolies are degenerate gamblers!

Who would have thought? Oh yea wait just about everybody would have thought that. We started out doing Free Rolls. Graduated to $5 tournaments. $10 after that. Last week we did a $50, 89 person tournament with $4,000 in prizes. It filled up in one day. So Fan Duel just said fuck it, lets double up. 178 people, $8,000 in total prizes. 1st place $2,000, 2nd place $1,250, 3rd place $750. If we keep going at this rate by Week 8 we’ll have like 5,000 person tournaments with $2,000,000 in prizes.

Click here to sign up for our biggest tournament ever.¬†Might as well get involved now so you learn how to play. By mid season when we’ve got big time money on the line you don’t wanna be standing on the sidelines.

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