“Hi I’m King Henrik and I literally get geeked up 6 times a week in the Meatpacking District. #1 disguised hardo in NYC.  fuck yeahh!!!!!”

I’ll tell you what. You Stoolies are a bunch of fucking Monet’s and Van Gogh’s. Just straight masterpieces coming out of the readers today. I know the 3 fingered stick figure with a black fro and giant cock is gonna steal the show. But don’t sleep on the Rockerfeller Center shirt with the Swedish flags and his face cropped onto the statue. That thing is SHARP. Or the last one. That looks like this one time in elementary school we designed dinner plates in art class. We drew a design and got it glazed onto a ceramic plate. So congrats to that guy. If this was an elementary school ceramic dinner plates design contest, you would have knocked it out of the park.

How about the genius 610:

I don’t ordinarily mess with rubbers, but when I do:

…we win

Yea sure thing 610, we’ll just take photographs from the New York Post and put them on a t shirt. Thats what all of our best sellers look like. Christ Almighty. Buncha artistic savants reading this site huh?

UPDATE: Stop the fight! Stop The fight! Ben Bernstein takes the cake!