You wanna know the worst part about the fucking DISASTER Jets game yesterday? They seemingly lost in every facet of the game in a 30-9 Dolphins romp, but in reality they didn’t. They had more passing yards (283 vs 139), more yards on the ground (105 vs 97), more first downs (22 vs. 17) and time of possession (31:13 vs. 28:47). And yet they were absolutely fucking¬†annihilated¬†by the Dolphins and their backup quarterback. How the fuck is that even possible? I seriously thought had fucked up the box score and reversed the two teams or something. The Jets are now losing games the statistically should be impossible to lose. I think they might lose this week against the Bye.

Now, of course, the easy answer is The Guru Mike Westhoff and Special Teams sucked a gigantic sloppy penis yesterday. Blocked punts and blocked FGS. Onsides kicks being recovered and shit. The Dolphins out hustled the Jets every single play yesterday and they were able to make up the difference in a fucking huge way. But the answer runs a lot deeper than that. This team literally has absolutely no fucking clue what its doing. Rex and Sparano have gotta be the worst 1-2 offensive combo in the National Football League. 1.5 quarterbacks – 3.5 running backs – 0.0 receivers – and less than zero clue how to use any of them. Its like a new game plan every week that never, ever works. Worried about “surprising” the opposition and waiting to unveil big bad secrets like they’re Donald fucking Trump or something. Just like when the Donald promised to reveal secrets that would sway the election and then came up with absolutely nothing when the world was watching. Thats Rex and Sparano every week. Same thing defensively. Without Revis its like Rex has no clue how to run a defense. Overall just no idea how to run a football team just talking and talking and talking.

And yes, Sanchez sucks. He couldn’t get his team across midfield for like 30 something minutes of game time. Again, not sure how he amassed 283 yards and 22 first downs – I’m still not sure I believe those numbers. But its clear he isn’t the long term solution. Being perfectly honest – he was probably never a long term option, but the difference was a couple years ago he had a viable team surrounding him. Good running game, good offensive line, great defense, decent offensive weapons. When the Jets looked like that, I thought he might be a viable game management QB. But now with everything else completely gone to shit, its not worth letting him flounder out there. His time has come. This mini-regime that Rex inherited is over. The Jets have gotta rebuild basically an entire winning football team now – might as well start with the quarterback.

PS – I don’t think Rex needs to get the boot. But I will say he better get back to the Rex Ryan from a couple years ago and he better do it fast. As of right now Rex probably isn’t even the best NFL coach in the Ryan family.