Huff Po – “There’s no business like ho business.” So said Dennis Hof, owner of Nevada’s Moonlight Bunny Ranch. He told The Huffington Post that the federal government would do well to cut itself in on the “recession proof” business of prostitution by legalizing and taxing it. ”I pay about $350,000 a year in taxes,” Hof said. “The government can have that money or they can spend a fortune on a vice squad. I can support my community or I can take away from the community by having an illegal sex trade.” Hof said the prospect of legalizing prostitution and marijuana should be on the table in the ongoing negotiations over the fiscal cliff, a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts that, economists said, could plunge the country back into recession. The Christian Post reports that $30 billion a year is spent worldwide on prostitution.That’s money that will be spent, whether selling sex is legal or not, Hof said. ”People are making billions on the sex trade in America and no government is making any money off of it, except in some places in Nevada,” Hof said. “You can’t stop it. Prohibition doesn’t work and legalization can solve a lot of our problems.”

Quick question – which late night premium TV show was more of a let down when you were hoping to see some kinky shit? A) The Cathouse 2) Real Sex D) Taxi Cab Confessions?

The Bunny Ranch on HBO’s Cathouse is nothing more than the most mediocre whorehouse in the history of prostitution. Its just a bunch of meth addicts and people hooked on oxy banging prostitutes who are 5 out of 10. And its all like stationary security cameras filming them. Even if I did wanna see ugly chicks fuck in the mountains of Nevada I couldn’t. Real Sex was by far the weirdest thing I ever tried to get off to in my whole life. I’d go into it with a boner and come out with my shit tucked up inside my body like a turtle in its shell. I’d be looking to get my rocks off and instead I’d end up with knowledge of child birth or some shit. Real Sex was always like some senior citizen nudist colony that all masturbated with each other. It was either that or like pregnant couples doing weird pregnant sex things. Horrifying, really. And then there’s Taxi Cab Confessions. You hoped you’d get some smokeshow talking about how she just fucked some guy in the club. Like it was behind the scenes porn or something. Instead it was just always gay guys tweaking out on drugs and some disgusting cab driver asking them leading questions about gay sex and shit. Gross.

Anyway, as much as his television show used to disappoint me and my adolescent dick, the man’s got a point. I don’t know about you guys. But I trust the man. He’s somehow turned a stable of ugly hookers into a profitable business and convinced HBO to turn it into a show. Thats some fucking magic right there. I say we give Bernanke the boot and let this bald creeper run the Fed.