NY Post – We suppose things kind of blew up after Paris Hilton possibly tried to prove she’s a fan of the gay community. Hilton’s boyfriend River Viiperi was reportedly arrested for battery because he was not happy about Hilton allegedly “making out” with another girl at a nightclub in Las Vegas early Monday morning. According to TMZ, a male clubgoer told the Las Vegas Police Dept. that his girlfriend was kissing Hilton inside XS nightclub at the Encore hotel. Viiperi, a 21-year-old male model, then got so upset by the kissing incident that he allegedly punched the male patron in the face, injuring him so badly he needed medical attention.

I know everyone loves to get on guys in this situation and call them gay. Make fun of them for not having a threesome. And ordinarily I call bullshit. Sure, if you’re at a strip club or spring break or a Barstool Blackout, watching chicks make out and trying to fuck all them is amazing. But if you’re out with your girlfriend and she’s being a sloppy drunk whore making out with some sluts, I’d probably be like “Uhh what the fuck are you doing?” I mean again, a couple random sluts in Vegas, different story. Its just weird when its your girlfriend.

Unless your girlfriend is Paris Hilton. Thats where this guy goes wrong. You can’t go around knocking dudes out because Paris Hilton is being drunk and slutty. Thats like getting violent every time the sun is shining or Neil writes a crappy blog. Some things you just have to realize you can’t control. You don’t want to date a rich whore who sucks dick on camera and sucks face with anything that has a pulse? Can’t date Paris Hilton. Either you don’t date her, or you fuck her and the sluts she attracts. Only two options with Paris.