Men’s Health - While you plow your way through seven-layer dip and a pile of wings this Super Bowl Sunday, you can bet that the Patriots will be fueling up, too. Only they’ll be taking a far more scientific approach. You might even say they have a secret weapon. Its name: superstarch. Turns out, a slew of New England players—including Vince Wilfork, Ron Brace, and Mike Wright—have been using this powdery, slow-digesting carbohydrate to up their games all season. And by all accounts, it’s working pretty darn well. New England Defensive Tackle Ron Brace has been taking the supplement since the off-season, and says it’s been his key to giving his all at every practice. “A lot of energy supplements I’ve used in the past would give me an immediate jolt, but then a crash afterward,” Brace told Men’s Health. “With this I feel neither—just sustained energy and I’m able to keep going through my training day.”

Might as well just sub in “Mark McGwire”, “Barry Bonds”, and “Sammy Sosa” for the names and toss a few “creams” here and a few “clears” there and I’m pretty sure I read this exact article like 8 or 9 years ago. First it was video taping opponents. Then it was failing HGH tests. Now this. But hey keep doing you New England. Gonna need all the help you can get tomorrow night.