LAUDERHILL, Fla., Oct. 31 (UPI) – Authorities in Florida said they busted a gambling ring allegedly taking bets on local pee wee football games and several coaches were among those arrested. The Broward Sheriff’s Office said several coaches and team officials were busted as part of Operation Dirty Play, which investigated allegations of illegal gambling surrounding the South Florida Youth Football League, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday. Alleged ringleader Brandon Bivins, 36, president and coach of the Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes, was taken into custody during a raid at his Red Carpet Kutz barber shop. He was charged with bookmaking and operating a gambling house. Investigators allege the barber shop and Bivins’ other business, Showtime Sports and Apparel in Lauderdale Lakes, served as fronts for the gambling ring, which focused on pee wee football but also took bets on NFL and Major League Baseball games and other sporting events. Bivins has previous arrests for possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, aggravated battery, carrying a concealed weapon and possession of stolen property.

Now I know theres a lot of gamblers out there. We fill up our Fan Duel challenges in a fucking heartbeat every week. I’m sure there are some guys who will throw down a 4 team parlay on WNBA action. There are people who bet on fucking roosters fighting to the death for God’s sake. Just about anything to try to win some free money. But I think an entire illegal gambling ring on pee wee football takes the cake. Might be my favorite gambling story of all time. Can you imagine a whole crew of grown men who have an entire paycheck riding on some kid who’s 3 foot 5, 70 pounds? Foaming at the mouth on the sidelines for some 8 year olds do punch one in the end zone because he bet the over on the Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes? Was this guy Bivins setting spreads and shit? Did they have weekly injury reports? Little Tommy on the Hurricanes is Questionable but Johnny on the Sharks is Probable. Thats such a low point in humankind I think its a high point. I almost love the fact that these guys are such rabid gamblers they sit around exploiting children as their betting puppets. I bet you if Jordan and Mayweather got word of this, they’d put down like $250,000 on the first half line with these little pee wees running around.