I hope they tear that shit down, Saddam style.

Just about 6 months too late, Penn State! The sad part for PSU is that if they acted swiftly and released a well crafted statement about taking down the statue, they could have gotten credit for it. Could have looked like they were being considerate of all the victims and appeared sensitive to tragedy and blah blah blah. All for removing a statue. Wouldn’t have even had to fire a living, breathing person or anything. Just remove a metal statue – something that impacts the world in no way at all, and look like heroes.

Instead they waited too long, fought it tooth and nail, and waited until it looked like they had no other choice. Planes circling the Happy Valley threatening the safety and well being of the campus. They had to do it. Once again, reactive rather than proactive.

But at the end of the day, its the right move. Some people are acting like the hoopla over the statue is an overreaction on both sides. But I think its a clear reminder of the man who allowed Sandusky to continually commit those rapes. Until that statue came down, Penn State would never remove the stain of this scandal.