The Post GameMSG Network is facing some serious heat after the New York Knicks TV broadcast partner flashed a tone-deaf graphic of the franchise’s Asian-American star. Following the Knicks’ seventh straight win on Wednesday night, MSG showed viewers an image featuring guard Jeremy Lin’s head in between ends of a broken fortune cookie with the sentence “The Knicks’ Good Fortune” on a piece of paper.

Is MSG for real? I mean how can you air this graphic? Just because he’s Asian you think he eats Chinese food? Put a goofy picture of him with his tongue out inside a fortune cookie. I mean thats about as racially insensitive as it gets. Maybe the dude likes to each cheeseburgers. Maybe he eats pizza. All you guys can seem to focus on is the idea that he’s Asian. Hey MSG, he’s a person. He’s a real human with feelings. Maybe next time a little more discretion with your graphics, ok?

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