Crazy. Straight mind blowing. It shouldn’t surprise me at this point, but this one did. Hearing people tweet and comment that this was the end of Jeremy Lin blew my mind. Dude loses one game to a team playing the best basketball since the Kobe & Shaq Lakers and people are ready to declare him dead. I dunno if its sarcasm or disappointment or just plain stupidity, but jumping off the bandwagon after Lin has one bad game against the only guy who’s performed better than him the past 2-3 weeks is just downright despicable.

And look its not because I’m saying the Knicks are gonna win the title this year and look back to this moment and say “I told you so.” That ain’t happening. But the fact f the matter is Jeremy Lin in 2 short weeks made basketball in this town relevant again. After a decade plus of complete embarrassment, he brought New York City out of the dark ages of basketball. For God’s sake there was a time I contemplated becoming a motherfucking NETS fan just to have some sort of basketball to watch. Thats how bleak things had gotten for NYC hoops. I was ready to hitch my wagon to Evan Roberts and the New Jersey Nets. Thats about the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.

I have no problem with people jumping back on this bandwagon. I did it. After the torture that Dolan and Isaiah put the Knicks fanbase through for the entire 2000s, getting excited to once again have a likable team in this town is not a crime. Games selling out. Bars going wild. Knicks/Heat have the back pages once again. Everything that we all loved about New York City basketball is thriving again. Its not your typical fair weather, front runner bullshit to enjoy having all that back after everything the fanbase had to endure. So by the same token, bearing in mind all that horrendous suffering and torment for the previous 10 years, how can you jump right back off it at the first big loss? How can you just give up on the one enjoyable team since 1999? Again I’m not telling you this is a championship team. Nobody knows for sure what Jeremy Lin will become. But just for rejuvenating this town and making the franchise respectable again, I think Jeremy Lin has earned the right to have one off game against a team that is head and shoulders better than everyone else in the league.