I was one of the 16 people who actually watched some of Thursday Night Football between the Broncos & Raiders last night, and at one point Brad Nessler & Mike Maycock basically anointed Peyton Manning the Comeback Player of the Year. Said something to the effect of, “Yeah, Adrian Peterson is a good story but I think it’s clear Manning should be the winner.” On what fucking planet? Listen, both are having tremendous years and are easily MVP candidates – but we’re talking COMEBACK here. Peyton skipped a season undergoing various surgeries & for a herniated disc injury that he was able to play through for a majority of 2010. His time spent under the knife & rehabbing was to figure out a way to prohibit any further damage. I’m not saying it wasn’t a significant injury, but the approach to it was cautious – and that was the smart move. Still, there’s no real risk he’s overcome by returning to play QB behind an exceptional line & turtling if a defensive lineman gets close enough to breathe on him.

A-Pete didn’t suffer a knee injury, his knee was obliterated. Tore both his ACL & MCL, which is the most devastating injury a workhorse tailback could suffer. This same injury was the beginning of the end for Terrell Davis at basically the same point of his career. It would’ve been impressive enough for Peterson to have been ready in any fashion at the start of this season – but he’s fucking dominating. Running like a superhuman for over 6 yards a carry & a buck twenty per game. He’s got a legitimate shot at the same 2,000 yard season T.D. had before he blew his knee out, and this is on a squad where he’s the lone offensive threat. Every week, the opposition draws up a game plan to not let him beat them – yet every week, he’s basically marching to 100 & 1. Six straight triple-digit rushing totals against defenses like Seattle, TB & Chicago who all rank in the upper half against the run. I mean if he never got hurt, this pace would rank as arguably the best rushing year this century. Adrian Peterson started doing it less than 9 months after a catastrophic injury. He’s CLEARLY the Comeback Player of the Year.

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