I’ve waited for the right to chime in on the Phillies disaster season. And waited and waited and waited. I think its finally come. This is the perfect time to point and laugh at the trainwreck that is Philadelphia. I mean if this doesn’t sum up the Mets and Phillies’ seasons, I just don’t know what does. Just a couple hours down the turnpike in New York Scott Hairston and the scrappy home grown nobody Mets have shocked the league as they cruise into the All Star Break battling for first in the NL East, neck and neck with all the other contenders for the Wild Card Spots. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, an aging, heartless, dickless, hopeless, stupid, and lazy Phillies team (your words, not mine) heads into the break losers of 9 of their last 10 at 37-50.

What a difference a year can make, huh? From 100 wins to half way to hundred losses in half a season. Just a couple seasons removed from all that talk about “the best pitching staff of all time” and Phillie fans thinking they would have a dynasty on their hands. I guess what Phillies fans forgot to realize is that good pitching and bad pitching can be as fickle as a light wind blowing an RA Dickey knuckleball. An injury here and there or some bad luck every 5th day can turn “4 #1s” into a last place rotation. Couple that with an all time epically awful offense and all of a sudden you’re looking at a $175 million blockbuster flop. From World Series contenders to midseason sellers.

Thats baseball, Suzyn!

PS – Every time Scott Hairston hits a bomb I think the same exact thing.