PHILADELPHIA (CBS) Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love, but according to a new project, this love may not carry over to its Twitter users. According to the online news source Mashable, a team called Vertaline started a new project called the “Twitter Heatmap,” which shows where the U.S.’s most polite and rude Twitter users are. The team created the map by scanning tweets for the phrases: “Good Morning” and “F*** You” in 462 specific locations across the country. Each phrase was tracked for about 10 days and the resulting map shows that the northeast may have some of the country’s rudest Twitter users. However, what may come as a surprise – or maybe not for some – is that the highest concentration of rude Twitter users seems to be from the Philadelphia area. It’s safe to say the project’s findings aren’t conclusive, but what do you think? Are you surprised to see Philadelphia as the hotbed of F-bombs on Twitter?

Hey Philly…good morning. And fuck you! File this under the least shocking news in the world. You can pretty much fill in the blanks when it comes to Philly being the rudest anything in the country. Every form of communication of all time they probably take the cake. Philly people are the rudest tweeters. Rudest emailers. The postal service has never seen more rude post cards than those sent from Philadelphia. Philly kids put a couple of milk cartons on a string, make one kid run across the street, and the other just screams FUCK YOU into his end. The Susquehannock Indians used to send up smoke signals to each other saying “Fuck Santa Claus!” while packing snow balls waiting for him. The whole reason Benjamin Franklin was even researching electricity was to learn how to make batteries to be able to throw at future athletes.

And this will always continue to be the case. In the future they’ll be the rudest instagramers. The rudest tumblrs. The rudest social camers. Thats just how Philly rolls.