This is our first football season with Fan Duel. We’ve gotta plenty up our sleeve as far as the real challenges go. Paid tournaments with big payouts. Real contests with huge grand prizes. All that stuff will come as we dig into to our first season with Fan Duel.

But for right now – Week 1 – Fan Duel seems to be hell bent on this whole “giving away money” thing. Its our first NFL Free Roll of the year for next weekends games. Which means its completely free to sign up, and if you finish in the top 72 places you get some sort of money back. If there are 72 Stoolies out there with more sports knowledge than you, you should probably just kill yourself anyway. Like come Tuesday morning after Week 1 if I’m in 73rd or worse I might just never play fantasy sports again.

So I’m unofficially naming Fan Duel’s first Free Roll – NFL Week 1 – Free Money For Irresponsible Idiots. Get your feet wet and get ready for the real tournaments to begin. Click here to join and make a username for our bigger challenges later in the NFL season.