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Daily MailSisters Charm and Brittani Niccole have both been given breast enhancements – by their plastic surgeon father.  The girls, from fashionable Orange County in California, are walking advertisements for their famous plastic surgeon parent, Dr Michael Niccole. Brittani, 25, first had breast surgery as a gift for her 18th birthday when she went from an A cup to C. Then three years later Michael gave her a rhinoplasty for her 21st birthday, when he narrowed the bridge of her nose. And shockingly, Charm first went under Michael’s knife at the tender age of ten when she had her protruding belly button reshaped. This year she also opted for a breast augmentation to take her from 32B to 32C – and didn’t have to look far for a surgeon. Charm, also 25, who works in marketing said: ‘Having surgery done by my dad makes sense – he’s the best at what he does and I know I’m in safe hands. ’When I first told my parents I wanted my breasts done I was about 15. I knew I had to wait until I was 18 but I was nagging them about it all the time.  ’When I graduated high school Dad surprised me by saying, “I’ve scheduled you in to have your boobs done next week”. I was so excited.

Did I mention these girls are adopted??? Jiminy fuckin Cricket. I actually don’t know whether that makes it better or worse. Like no matter how you slice it, its so fucking jacked up I can’t even begin to think whats going through this guys mind. But does it make it better that hes not biologically connected to him or worse? Personally I think its worse. Like somewhere, deep down in this guy’s sick brain, is he thinking “technically, theoretically, morally speaking…it wouldn’t be that wrong?” I mean who knows whats going through his head. I don’t care if he adopted them from birth. That thought could easily pass through any man’s head as he hooks his own daughters up with C cups. I guess the flip side is that its not as creepy to operate on your adopted daughter’s tits as opposed to your biological daughters tits, but fuck that. If you’re willing to cosmetically enhance your daughters in all sorts of sexually charged ways, who knows what else you’re thinking about those adopted girls.