The Daily MailIn the age of information overload, there’s gotta be at least one thing you’d rather not see or read about when browsing the Internet. Enter Pop Block, a Google Chrome extension app that will block out any unwanted keyword for your optimized browsing experience. The app was created by Greg Leuch, an NYC-based designer and member of the culture-jamming group F.A.T. Lab, following the popular reception of his precursor projects like Shaved Bieber and Tinted Sheen.

Does everyone remember the TV that you could program to automatically mute itself when certain names were mentioned? Looks like we’ve finally taken that to the internet. And let me tell you, I need this shit in the baddest way. First thing I’m doing is programming my computer to block “faggot,” “Lazy-eye” and “Double chin.” That way every single comment, tweet and email I get will just look like this:

And I can just go ahead and fill in the blanks on my own. “Hey KFC! You AMAZING BLOGGER! How’s that UNDENIABLE WIT AND CHARM and TREMENDOUS HEAD OF HAIR working out for you? You fucking HANDSOME SON OF A BITCH.”

Boom. See you later, unwanted key words. Now I’m the man. Best invention ever. Turns my whole internet life into Mad Libs. I can just pretend the comments are from chicks too. “Hey KFC! You WANT TO FUCK ME? How’s that GIANT DICK and SEXUAL STAMINA working out for you? You fucking ME WOULD BE THE BEST THING THATS EVER HAPPENED TO ME” This could be a life changer for me. Other words or names I’d block out:

- Jenna Marbles. “Jenna Marbles has gone on to internet fame, making zillions of dollars a year.” Now I can just black out that name and insert whatever I want. Put my own name up in there and live in fantasy world.

- Mark Sanchez/Greg McElroy/Tim Tebow. That when when I see “Mark Sanchez/Greg McElroy/Tim Tebow will start for the Jets on Sunday, I don’t have to vomit all over myself.

- Really? – Not the word “Really.” The word really followed by a question mark. No good ever comes of that. Its just the beginning to a snarky “I think I know more than you” comment. Its right up there with “How could you not?” 

PS – Chicks everywhere are gonna use this to block out “moist” and “panties”