LOS ANGELES (AP) Jurors awarded nearly $777,000 Tuesday to a former “The Price is Right” model who claimed she was discriminated against by producers because of her pregnancy. Brandi Cochran, 41, said she was rejected by the game show’s producers when she tried to return to work in early 2010 after taking maternity leave. The Superior Court jury determined her pregnancy was the reason she wasn’t rehired and awarded Cochran $776,944 in the suit against producers FremantleMedia North America and The Price is Right Productions. In their defense, producers said they were satisfied with the five models working on the show at the time Cochran sought to return. A second phase of the trial will determine whether Cochran should be awarded punitive damages. Cochran’s attorneys had asked for more than $8 million, City News Service reported.

Hey jurors its called being a “Barker’s Beauty,” not a “Barker’s Pregnant Bitch.” What am I missing? Your job is to glide across the stage all agile and graceful while displaying consumer products and prizes while looking beautiful. Once you’re pregnant you can accomplish zero percent of that job. Nobody wants to see some Weeble wobble across the stage. Bob Barker certainly didn’t. Guy was too busy getting kisses on the cheek from contestants while picking out which Beauty he was gonna sexually harass. You think he wants to worry about your water breaking right in the middle of that yodeling mountain climber game? For sure not.

And this just goes to show how big of a bitch Drew Carey is. At least once a day I get a tweet from a Stoolie who’s off from work or in college watching Price Is Right asking me “Whats the deal with this pregnant Barkers Beauty?” Well now I guess we know the answer. Some jury is out there giving out almost a million bucks to the last pregnant bitch to get fired and Drew is too afraid to pull the trigger on axing another one. Back in Bob Barker’s day sexual harassment and discrimination were like a weekly event. Producers knew Bob Barker and his skinny microphone put asses in the seats. Had to keep the talent happy. Drew Carey’s skinny-fat self ain’t even worth a measly workplace lawsuit. Guy is a disgrace to game show hosts everywhere.