(AP) – Men, do you have what it takes to be a model onThe Price is Right? CBS said today that the game show known for its female models will add a male one for a week. The show will hold its “first-ever search” for the right man in an online competition, the network said. Viewers will choose the winner in October. He’ll get a weeklong stint on the show hosted by Drew Carey. The daytime show was long known for its “Barker’s Beauties,” a title that honored longtime host Bob Barker, who retired in 2007. Some of the gown-wearing hostesses alleged more was demanded than presenting prizes. Over the years, several sued Barker for sexual harassment and wrongful termination, with most receiving out-of-court settlements.

Hey while we’re at it, why don’t we just get rid of Plinko too? Forget about spinning The Wheel too. Because as far as I’m concerned The Price is Right is fucking DEAD to me.

I stayed quiet when they replaced that debonair pimp Bob Barker with some fat fuck from Cleveland. I tolerated when Drew Carey subsequently got skinny and just ended up looking like a 9 year old kid hosting this show. Even when they started letting random celebrities on the show to try and boost ratings, I took it in stride.

But I will not stand by quietly while Barker’s Beauties become Carey’s Cocksmen. There’s always been one staple of PiR that stayed the same while everything has changed around them. And thats hot sluts showing off prizes and retail consumer products. For like 50 years Bob Barker sexually assaulted smokin hot models, and now we’re gonna open the door to some dudes for Drew Carey to try and fuck? For sure not. I don’t care if its for a week, day, hour or minute. It just ain’t right.

Gimme Amber Lancaster all day err day