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DailyNews -Prince Harry tried to end Ryan Lochte’s championship reign Monday, duking it out with the Olympic hero in an after-hours race at a boozy Las Vegas pool party. The wild Windsor jumped in the water around 3 a.m. still wearing his jeans and cleared a path through the Wynn hotel’s XS Nightclub pool, exclusive video obtained by the Daily News shows. A bevy of bikini-clad beauties watched as Lochte counted to three on his left hand and blasted to a quick lead over the 27-year-old playboy prince. The Olympic icon won the impromptu breaststroke battle, raising both arms in victory and hugging Harry amid 5,000 fellow revelers. Since winning 11 medals at the London Olympics, Lochte has also been busy thinking about the future.  He reportedly wants $750,000 to become the next Bachelor and he’s also set to guest star on an episode of the CW’s 90210.

What a match made in heaven these two are. Hey Ryan! What are you famous for bro!

Underachieving at swimming! What about you?

Nothing! My grandma just runs shit! Now you wanna go double team this bitch??

Now everyone knows I hate that douchebag Lochte but at least he’s stickin to his guns, right? Just gonna keep being a douchebag until his dick falls off. And I’m already down with Prince Harry. There’s absolutely no reason for that dude to do anything but party and fuck chicks. He has the ultimate free pass and not using that pass to drink and fuck his way through life would be an insult to Her Majesty herself. So this right here is like the dynamic duo of people who have become rich and famous for having zero real life success.

Snake it til you make it, you assholes. As a blogger who prays to the Lord every night that I somehow get rich off of jokes about dicks and farts, I applaud your ability to crush life without contributing to society in any way.

PS – Lochte on the bachelor would be must see TV. Straight up appointment television to watch that retard pick chicks out of a hat.